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Chinese New Year breaks: Managing your expectations

8 Feb

Ah, seeing in Chinese New Year on a tropical island…relaxing in the sun, soaking up the surroundings, perhaps a little bit of exploring and a lot of cocktails by the pool. Are you jealous yet?

Ever since we arrived in Singapore everyone we encountered told us we must go away for CNY. “The whole of Singapore shuts up shop for a week”, “You’ll either starve or die of boredom”, “If you don’t book soon you’ll end up in an industrial wasteland with only the rusty shell of a warehouse to look at”. Two of those statements are lies, the third is the honest truth and to prove it here is the photographic evidence. The picture above wasn’t shot by my fair hands, unfortunately the one below was. And it is the only picture I took in the whole 3 days we were in our chosen tropical getaway.

 If you squint beyond the scrubland you can just make out the deserted husk of the aforementioned rusty warehouse. This was the only building of note in our immediate surroundings. Still jealous? If you are, then get in touch – I know a hotel that will be just perfect for you.

I feel a bit mean dissecting everything that was wrong with where we visited because that wouldn’t be fair but to give you an idea of how our break panned out, here are a few choice quotes from the weekend:

As we left Singapore by boat to head for our tropical getaway one of our fellow travellers and friends offered the following words of wisdom: “I guess it’s all about managing your expectations”. Just imagine how bursting with holiday excitement we all were!

On our first night: “This is a s!*@ hole, isn’t it?” “Yes”

On our second day: “It really is a s!*@ hole, isn’t it?” “Yes”

On our second night: “It’s still a s!*@ hole, shall we get an early ferry back?” “YESSSS!!!!”

As we left our tropical getaway to head home Mister Noodle offered an insight worthy of all the great travel writers, “At least it didn’t rain”.

So there we have it. Chinese New Year. I really thought I couldn’t top my photo of an Ikea shopping trolley last week but it seems with the rusty shell of a warehouse I am really spoiling you, dear reader. Luckily for us, we hadn’t planned our CNY break as a romantic break a deux and went with friends. We ate a bit, drank a bit and laughed A LOT and isn’t that what holidays are all about? I am sure the laughing buddha would approve!

(With apologies to my mum, my auntie and my mother in law for the swearing!)