You’ve got (expat) mail!

1 Mar

Every so often an article will appear in the media bemoaning the death of the handwritten, posted letter, at the hands of the evil interweb. However, one of the joys of being an expat is an increase in lovely letters. Along with the usual utility and phone bills, we now receive in the post little cards and parcels from back home that, along with the Skyping and the emailing, make the 7,000 miles shrink that little bit more.

My lovely Auntie Mad, for example, has sent us a postcard or note to mark every 24th of the month ever since we got married on that day last July. There have been postcards of our beloved Suffolk and even a card written and signed whilst we all mucked in and stuffed the turkey on Christmas Eve. Mister Noodle’s mum has sent articles including one from a national UK paper about Mister N’s favourite real ale pub (The Fat Cat, Ipswich*) which was slightly to Mister N’s horror as he feared national media exposure may mean he will never get a seat again in the already quite ‘cosy’ establishment.

Anyway, I got home from work this afternoon to find a parcel from my mum that, alongside the required contact lens prescription, included a selection of articles from Sunday supplements. Whilst Mister N. can download the main papers to his whizzy Kindle, the magazines remain beyond our sticky little noodley grasps so are also a welcome sight.

A little light reading

I particularly love the fact that my mum makes clear where she has sent an incomplete article that backs on to the ones she has meant to send. I think the big crosses look like parental censorship although I know this isn’t her intention. So, this week, whilst I shall be reading about David Hockney and Sebastian Faulks’ views of characters in fiction I will NOT be reading about American feminism.

Censorship Mum-style

*For anyone looking for really good ale, homemade scotch eggs and the occasional Tractor Boy with a 6ft pitch fork propping up the bar it is the place to go (just don’t tell anyone else).

2 Responses to “You’ve got (expat) mail!”

  1. Clare Tewalt March 1, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    It IS wonderful to receive ‘proper’ mail isn’t it! I can relate to this:) I just wonder whether you get sent english goodies too or whether you can purchase the necessary items over there? My parents now travel solely with a suitcase full of shreddies, dairy milk and tea bags and usually arrive just in time for me to get my fix!!!

    • singapore noodle March 2, 2011 at 1:09 am #

      Hehe! I can just imagine your parents with suitcases full of goodies! We are quite fortunate because Singapore has to import almost all its foodstuffs you can get pretty much anything -even the Suffolk pickle my mum sometimes has trouble getting in Suffolk. One thing I do wish we could pack in a suitcase is seasons. I shall miss English spring and autumn.

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