Poodle Noodle makes his debut…

28 Nov
Poodle Noodle makes a wish

Every so often Mister Noodle has to make way for the ‘other’ man in my life – Poodle Noodle*, my beloved but rather wayward west highland terrier.

Being of hearty Scottish highland stock Poodle Noodle wasn’t really designed for tropical climes so he lives the life of Riley with my mum and dad back in Suffolk. Since I have moved out to Singapore PN has become rather internet savvy and has set up his own Facebook page and is quite adept at sending me email updates about what is going on back home. I was just settling into bed when his latest missive came winging its way across the information superhighway. It would appear that in my absence PN has taken it upon himself to assist my mum with one of our family’s pre-Christmas traditions – the making of the Christmas Pudding.

This usually takes place in late November and is a two-day affair. Day one is spent preparing the pudding mix, as per photo above. Before being packed into pudding bowls the mix is stirred by each member of the family and wishes have to be made. I don’t know what PN has wished for as it is between him, the wooden spoon and the mixing bowl, but I would imagine it involves either a year’s supply of tummy rubbing or being given one day’s free run at the postman. Day two of the pudding making is given over to steaming  – this takes most of the day and steams up the kitchen like a turkish bath. In actual fact it’s quite similar to the atmosphere in Singapore just after a heavy thunderstorm. After this the pudding is packed away in swathes of tin foil and brown paper until Christmas Day. Judging by the photograph below, PN is ready to be packed away until Christmas Day as well!

Phew - that's that for another year

And what have I been up to whilst PN has worked his paws to the bone in my absence? Discovering the Real Food cafe at Central, the Singapore Tyler Print Institute, and a  shared taste for arts, crafts and ginger beer with fellow blogger Notabilia; watching a school production that was so good I forgot it was a school production; discovering the delights of sipping lychee martinis at altitude at the New Asia Bar on the 71st floor of the Swissotel; and finding  an open air bar that will be screening Planes, Trains and Automobiles next Tuesday night – perfect for Mister Noodle and I to begin our three-week countdown to Christmas holidays. Just as long as our journey back to the UK doesn’t end up being as epic as it is in the film…

For a great Christmas Pudding –  Delia Smith’s Christmas

For a great pre-Christmas film – Movie Nights Screenings at Picotin

*In the interest of protecting his social standing in Suffolk, Poodle Noodle is, of course, an alias.

3 Responses to “Poodle Noodle makes his debut…”

  1. Clare Tewalt November 29, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    What a fabulous Christmas tradition – it seems PN is keeping himself very busy! I do hope your flight home is safe and stress free, it will be very special to be home this year i imagine! Soak in some of that Suffolk spirit for me here in the desert! Keep the blogs coming, I enjoy your stories! Merry Christmas!

    • singapore noodle November 29, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

      Thank you! I am excited already and there are still three weeks to go. I feel sorry for Mister Noodle who will have sixteen hours with me on the plane. I picked up from FB that you had a great Thanksgiving. Have a super Christmas too!

  2. Nic Turner December 1, 2010 at 6:49 am #

    Can’t help feeling this four-legged friend is a celebrity chef these days – little does he know how famous he is…xxx

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